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We are Fightlockdown, one of the leading MMA and UFC forums on the web. We endow writers and bloggers with the ability to write about MMA and UFC events, headlines and more. We have a full-featured forum where MMA and UFC fans from across the globe join in for heated debates and discussions about latest MMA and UFC events and their favorite MMA and UFC fighters. We've introduced and nurtured a network of hardcore bloggers who are always ready to fight with their words, speak their minds and express their passion and love for MMA and UFC.

Couture, Liddell and Wanderlei at photoshoot togetherAuthor : Aaron Webster

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The Fightlockdown Forecast - WEC 42: Torres vs. BowlesAuthor : Miles Hackett

Tonight at 9pm, from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, WEC 42: Torres vs. Bowles will take place, bringing us yet another exciting night of fights. Joining me on the panel today are Jack Barrington, Jamie Hughes, and "Baby Face" Brad Taschuk. Check out our forecast to see who will reign supreme in tonight’s event!

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The Fightlockdown Forecast - UFC 101: Penn vs FlorianAuthor : Miles Hackett

Alright guys, this is our first round-table collaboration which will be a feature we produce for every major upcoming event. Joining me on the panel are Brad Taschuk, Joshua Taylor (only for the main card), Jamie Hughes, and Ken Mace. Let us know what you think of our picks on the forum (which you can reach through the link at the bottom of the page)!

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FLD Presents: The UFC 101 LockdownAuthor : Brad Taschuk

There are some excellent plays across the board at UFC 101, but only a couple really stand out as Lockdown Picks. With both of the bets suggested, it is important to keep in mind that only one has to be successful in order to make money on the event.

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FLD EXCLUSIVE - Efrain Escudero: "I'd rather be the TUF winner that fought tough fighters and earned his position in the division than be fed people, only to be exposed later on."Author : Stephanie Pittman

With 47 days remaining until his return to the octagon, TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero took the time to answer a few questions from FLD’s own, Stephanie Pittman. In this interview, Efrain discusses the most valuable thing he learned from ‘Big Nog’, his progress since then, and what he thinks of his opponent Cole Miller and the rest of the Lightweight division. All of this, after the jump!

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Criticizing Curry's Analysis of Fedor's Financial Impact on the UFCAuthor : Lloyd Smith

FLD: The MMA Media watchdog presents... With Miles Hackett being the first writer on FLD to expose the incompetence of another reputable MMA outlet, I have decided to follow suit by tackling John Curry’s preposterously titled article “Avoiding a Catastrophe: Why the NOT signing of Fedor is the best thing the UFC could do”.

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Why The Light Heavyweight Division Is No Longer KingAuthor : Brad Taschuk

Seemingly since the beginning of MMA time, the Light Heavyweight division (more specifically, the UFC LHW division) has been the marquee division in the sport. Sure, there were certain times when other divisions may have briefly held the title – for instance when PRIDE was putting on their GPs, they stole the spotlight for a period of time – but in the end the MMA universe always seemed to gravitate towards the UFC’s LHW division, especially when it came to gauging the popularity of the sport and/or creating a big matchup. However, when we look at the LHW division today, the zest that the division once possessed is now gone. While some big fights still exist at 205, for the most part the mantle and mystique of MMA’s uber division seems to have faded significantly. I think it is worth a deeper examination of why exactly this has happened.

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Why We Will Never See "The Last Emperor" Conquering the UFCAuthor : Jack Barrington

Affliction’s recent demise as an MMA promoter has once again stirred up talks of former PRIDE and current WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, and a possible move to the UFC. Add to that the manner in which Brock Lesnar disposed of Frank Mir at UFC 100, and you have a tantalizing potential clash between MMA’s two principal heavyweight champions.

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FLD EXCLUSIVE - Danillo Villefort: "I will not fight 3 rounds, you will see!”Author : Miles Hackett

Leading up to every UFC event, most MMA media and fan attention is directed towards the main card and headlining bouts, with little consideration going in the direction of the preliminary card–an unfortunate trend that is likely to continue in the future. My attention this week shifts towards the preliminary card, more specifically, towards a rising, young Brazilian star who will be looking to make an impressive debut in the world’s premier MMA organization.

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Breaking Down the UFC's Lightweight DivisionAuthor : Ken Mace

Usually I wait until after a title fight to do a full breakdown of a division's with contenders, upcoming fights, and future possible match-ups. But this time I want to pre-emptively dissect the UFC’s lightweight division. Of course, starting with the main event of UFC 101—defending champion BJ Penn going toe-to-toe with the much deserving number one contender Kenny Florian.

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