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The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC 117: Silva vs SonnenAuthor : Brad Taschuk

After what seems like an endless diatribe from the challenger, the hype finally comes to a head when the Middleweight championship is on the line this Saturday. Will Sonnen's verbal vitriol draw the ire of the Champion, or will Silva look like he got lost on the way to a Dance Dance Revolution party once again? Miles Hackett, Joshua Taylor and Matt Bremner have the answers on the other side!

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The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC Live on Versus: Jones vs. MatyushenkoAuthor : Miles Hackett

Tonight, live on Versus (once again), the UFC promises us an action-packed card with a number of intriguing match-ups. Breaking them down for you are FLD’s Jack Barrington, Joshua Taylor, and Brad Taschuk. How do your picks match-up with the forecast? Find out, after the jump!

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Decoration or Debris: Cleaning Up The Strikeforce DivisionsAuthor : Joshua Taylor

For a company that was considered the darling of the MMA world in 2009, Strikeforce seems to have lost their way a bit in 2010. Time and again it seems their management has banked on fights going a certain way, only to watch them not pan out. We all know about the Shields/Hendo debacle and the Fedor/Werdum shocker. Now there are rumblings of future bad decisions in the works, like ignoring Werdum’s win and setting up Fedor/Overeem anyways. There have been several bad decisions made by Strikeforce since gaining their Showtime and CBS deals, but I feel more than anything the handling of their belts is really making them seem like a second-rate organization. So what should they do in order to get back on track?

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The FightLockdown Forecast - DREAM 15Author : Miles Hackett

Broadcasting live tonight at 3am on HDNet fights, DREAM 15 brings us yet another tantalizing night of fights. Aside from the main event, these fights may not have much impact on the rankings, but with the Japanese penchant for entertainment over all, we are likely to see some really fun bouts. Jamie Hughes, Miles Hackett, and Matt Bremner will be breaking down this event for you, so be sure to check out what they have to say, after the jump!

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The Best Fight Of 2010... That Nobody Has SeenAuthor : Brad Taschuk

Some people choose to measure the explosion of Mixed Martial Arts by the attention it receives in the mainstream media, or the popularity of the fighters, or the money the sport is now bringing in. However, one true measure of how far the sport has come is the sheer volume of MMA cards taking place week in and week out in 2010. It could be a full-time job just trying to keep track of the results of all the MMA goings on (and is, for some), and trying to watch all the fights that take place during a single weekend is an incredibly daunting task.

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The FightLockdown Forecast - UFC 116: Lesnar vs. CarwinAuthor : Miles Hackett

Finally it has arrived, the long awaited battle between the colossus of the HW division -- Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. Will Carwin derail the Lesnar express, or will more sponsors get grilled by the vanilla gorilla’s post-fight hate speech? Joshua Taylor, Jamie Hughes, Jack Barrington, David Anthony, and Miles Hackett will let you know, after the break!

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The Fall of the Last Emperor; The End of an MMA EraAuthor : Matt Bremner

It took ten years, almost to the day for Fedor Emelianenko to build his legacy. He went a full decade without ever legitimately losing a fight. He was once eliminated from a tournament due to a cut, but he had never truly tasted defeat. Many saw him as unbeatable, many saw him as a flawless fighter who could win a fight no matter the odds. Size, strength, style, none of these things mattered against Fedor, who would always find a way to win. In just 69 seconds, Fabricio Werdum made all that go away with a triangle-armbar combination. There was no controversy to the outcome, it was undisputable; Fedor Emelianenko lost his first legitimate fight as a professional, and for the MMA landscape, this changes everything.

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The FightLockdown Forecast - Strikeforce: Fedor vs. WerdumAuthor : Miles Hackett

Live tonight on Showtime from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Strikeforce brings us yet another eagerly anticipated evening of combat. Headlining the card is a non-title meeting between Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio Werdum, where “The Last Emperor” will try to add to his profound legacy, while "Vai Cavalo" will look to build his own with an earth-shattering upset. Giving their predictions on this tantalizing series of fights are David Anthony, Jack Barrington, and Miles Hackett. Check out their thoughts, after the break!

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The FightLockdown Forecast - TUF 11 FinaleAuthor : Miles Hackett

Live tomorrow night from the Palms Casino and Resort, yet another MMA prospect will be crowned the king of the UFC's reality circus.. err.. show – whether that holds any semblance of relevance is entirely subjective. Despite the lack of anything truly substantial on the card, this is MMA and we will gladly break the evening’s proceedings down for you. On the panel tonight are Jamie Hughes, Jack Barrington, Miles Hackett, Brad Taschuk, and Matt Bremner, check out their winning picks, after the break!

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The FightLockdown Forecast - Strikeforce: Los AngelesAuthor : Miles Hackett

Tomorrow night, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, Strikeforce brings us another night of interesting match-ups. Breaking down the four main card fights for you tonight are FLD’s Jamie Hughes, Joshua Taylor, and Jack Barrington. Find out what they foresee, after the break!

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